[Groop]Slow Of Mind!!!

Larry Steller lawrencesteller@yahoo.com
Tue, 2 Apr 2002 17:02:48 -0800 (PST)

I started to reply just to Gary on this one, but figured the rest
of you might enjoy this, as it eventually involves former Grooper

First, here's the email I sent out on April Fool's Day to various
friends. I didn't try to fool the Groop because only days before
I spoke of my love for good pranks and figured there wasn't a
chance in hell ANY of you would fall for this. 

However, it was still worth trying to trick Gary...

>20th Century FOX has confirmed that principal 
>photography has started for  the much anticipated 
>"The Simpson's LIVE!" live action feature film, which 
>is slated for a Spring 2003 release. 
>The film stars Billy Baldwin as Homer, Sarah Jessica 
>Parker ("Sex in the City") as Marge, Frankie Munoz 
>("Malcolm in the Middle") as Bart and 
>Oasis Yarn ("Fool's Errand" & "April Morning")
>as Lisa. Maggie will be CGI and 
>voiced by Lois Kensington ("The Trickster").

--- Gary Grossmann <grossfam@olywa.net> wrote:
> Hi Larry,
> Well, because it was from you and it was April 1, 
> I assumed it was an April Fools joke before 
> I even read the thing.  -Gary G.

Good move, Gary!

Here's a good one. Tracy (Unirabbit) replied to both my Simpsons
email and my April 2 email today. 

First she said "Ooh, I can't wait. By the way, happy April Fool's
Day, Larry."

I assumed by this her defenses were up and she knew enough not to
believe me if I said water is wet. 

Then I read  her reply to my email admitting it was a joke, and
she said: 

"Oh my god Larry I can't believe you got me like that, I totally
believed you!!!" 

This from someone whose not only known me for 20+ years, but who
has been a frequent victim of my foolishness in years past!

Can you say Slow Of Mind?

P.S. Chris Schechner called me at work, put on a fake New York
accent and said (I'm paraphrasing) "I'm calling from the loading
dock, I got 20 cases of shoes sitting here for a Larry Steller
from Groo's Shoe store..."

Well, having just sent out my prank email my defenses were sky
high, so I just laughed my head off and couldn't figure out who
it could be, assuming it was one of my NY friends...

Good one, Chris!!!

-Larry Steller
New York, New York

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