[Groop]Groo Sightings ... MAD

Fred Vigeant fvigeant@optonline.net
Sun, 06 Oct 2002 13:14:51 -0400

I'm with Vaughn.....

I've been reading since 1959 and got older issues from girlfriends whose
older brothers joined the military, leaving their precious, preserved Mads
( unknowingly) for me.

Now, there is only one reason to get it: Sergio. I do like the wrapper too,
but not enough to continue..


> Groop,
> Last week contained a sad day for me in a way. After collecting MAD
> magazine for years and with many issues in my collection dating back to
> 1950's I decided to cancel my subscription to MAD. First, for the last few
> years I was only collecting it for Sergio's work as the content was losing
> its original attraction. The jokes and satire were getting worse and were
> edging more and more to sexually explicit areas which I don't appreciate.
> They also went to 12 issues per year instead of 8, added colour and
> advertising, and the price just kept going up. I finally decided that
> enough was enough.
> I'll miss the Sergio artwork...*sob*
> ~Vaughn Seward