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E C mightyhero at go.com
Fri Jan 30 13:59:03 PST 2004

Hi guys/grrls!

>Back in the garage I was taking off the raincoat and
>suddenly felt a sharp pain in my finger.  I pulled my
>hand away and there was a bee!!  I'd just been stung
>by a *@#%! bee!
>Anyway, I did what Groo does best to the bee and then
>needed to quickly take something.

When you get a bee sting, what you want to do is re-
move the stinger as soon as possible (within 2 seconds
if possible), since venom starts pumping into you from
the stinger.  To remove it, use a fingernail and brush
it off in the direction of the base of the stinger
(the side lodged in you) to the top of the stinger.

You don't need to worry about killing the bee.  The
venom sac attached to the stinger was part of the bee's
abdomen, so the bee is toast and will die by itself.
It can't sting you again.

See you.


Ps. No swearing.

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