[Groop] Johnny Carson's Cheese Dip

Pengyfelix at aol.com Pengyfelix at aol.com
Sun Jan 23 20:46:01 PST 2005

Two words:  Cheez Whiz.  If that fails, check your grocery  store's chip 
aisle.  I've yet to find a supermarket that doesn't stock  Frito Brand Mild 
Cheddar Cheese Dip (much tastier than Cheez Whiz, and don't get  me started on 
Velveeta).  It's in a can a little taller than a tuna can and  it's usually stocked 
somewhere around the bean dip and the salsa con  queso.  
Cheese dip may be somewhat more prevalent in the West, but they  do sell it 
here in Ohio.  I may be wrong, but I think the farther East  you go in the US, 
the less variety of dip you get. I haven't seen clam dip  since I left Oregon 
and no one out here makes a decent spinach dip.  Maybe  it has something to do 
with the Philly Cheesesteak or the Coney Island hot  dog--two things I never 
heard of until I left the west coast.

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