[Groop] A Groo Day?

Owens, Gabriel R JO2/E-5, CNRC N00 gabriel.owens at navy.mil
Wed Aug 22 07:20:55 PDT 2007

Aw man.  My dryer died this weekend, too.  New Groo must be on the


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Hi Folks!
Well, messing with all these Groo things finally caught up with me
today.  Playing a church league co-ed softball game I blew out my calf,
on the way home there was a burning smell coming from the car, and when
we got home the washing machine died.  
So tomorrow we will find out what needs to be replaced in the car,
assuming it will start and drive a few more miles, what needs to be
replaced in the washing machine, asssuming I can get a repair person out
here, and how badly my leg is really hurt, assuming it doesn't turn
black and fall off during the night. (Actually, If I walk on th balls of
my foot it's not that bad, so what I really need to do is wear some high
heel shoes.) 
Hang onto those Rufferto talismans!!  
-Gary "Gimpy" Grossmann

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