[Groop] A Groo Day?

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Wed Aug 22 10:07:53 PDT 2007

Would the long-suffering Mrs. G. put up with cross dressing?

on 8/22/07 12:34 AM, Gary Grossmann at grossfamm at comcast.net wrote:

> Hi Folks!
> Well, messing with all these Groo things finally caught up with me today.
> Playing a church league co-ed softball game I blew out my calf, on the way
> home there was a burning smell coming from the car, and when we got home the
> washing machine died.
> So tomorrow we will find out what needs to be replaced in the car, assuming it
> will start and drive a few more miles, what needs to be replaced in the
> washing machine, asssuming I can get a repair person out here, and how badly
> my leg is really hurt, assuming it doesn't turn black and fall off during the
> night. (Actually, If I walk on th balls of my foot it's not that bad, so what
> I really need to do is wear some high heel shoes.)
> Hang onto those Rufferto talismans!!
> -Gary "Gimpy" Grossmann
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