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>>the gas emissions of belching cows, but well,  what else can you say?  You 
don't think Sergio would just make up  something like that do you?  Ok, maybe 
he  would.<<
Naw. There was really a research study on it. And the conclusion was, all  
the methane released from cattle was adding (significantly) to global warming.  
Not just their "burps", however....
Many years ago... in Mother Earth News, I think, there was a description of  
a "methane cooker"-- sort of an enclosed compost heap, but instead of getting  
mulch from it, you got methane gas which could be used as fuel to run  
generators. Some of the pig-farming communes in China were using them.... I'm  sure 
"cow pies" could be used as raw material instead of the porcine  

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